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The corporate history of a leaf


The "Ramblas", limited by two rows of plátano trees

Logo of FuturEco, 1997

Logo of FuturEco, 1997

Logo since 2007 with corporate image of some of Futureco Bioscience Departments

Logo since 2007 with corporate image of some of Futureco Bioscience Departments

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In business trips of our personnel to congresses, meetings and exhibitions, our interlocutors use to have doubts about the origin of Futureco Bioscience. They use to ask if we are a Canadian company. Our answer is Canada is a little far away from us, with an ocean in between and a little bit higher in latitude. The confusion is due to our corporate image, the logo of a leaf that looks as the one in the flag of that country. Although the leaf is related to our origin, is not the typical Canadian Maple tree leaf, ours is a leaf of the most common urban tree of Barcelona, the Platanus Hispánica, more commonly called plátano de sombra (in Spanish).

Plátanos shade most streets of Barcelona, including the famous "Ramblas", and are a living symbol of the city. "If we had been a vet or animal feed company, we would have possibly used the image of little snowflake, the white gorila of the Zoo of Barcelona, as famous as the Sagrada Familia church, when the company was founded in the nineties, but we provide solutions for plant protection and nutrition, so we chosed best the image of plátano leaves" states Rafael Juncosa, CEO and founder of Futureco Bioscience.

In fact, the logo that we actually know as a frontal leaf, with a design that combines life, knowledge and technology in symmetry, in concept and color, is a symbol of 2007. This logo evolves from an earlier image, from 1997 that included the FuturEco F and E, with classic typography, and the illustration of three plátano leaves attached to the letters. This romantic logotype evolves to the current one of Futureco Bioscience, with a more modern typography and an image that without losing its essence, steps forward to transmit our most important asset, our R&D.

The plátano leaf has been maintained on the corporate images of our departments such as communication and corporate social responsibility (leaf with a heart), production and administration (leaf made of a mechanical gear), business development (colorful leaf that represents diversity of cultures and crops of the markets in which we are present, worldwide). We remain faithful to our origins, evolving towards a more eco and inclusive future.

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