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Sweetening the Christmas of those most in need

A family of the Rebost Solidari receive a christimas lot from Rafael Juncosa and Manuel Medina

A family of the Rebost Solidari receive a christimas lot from Rafael Juncosa and Manuel Medina

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Futureco Bioscience donates Christmas lots to the 570 families that are users of the service of food donation Rebost Solidari, a civic organization of Vilafranca del Penedès for food handouts. These lots, consisting of nougat and chocolates Lacasa, although they don't incorporate first need nutritional products, they cover other needs such as those mostly emotional and of social integration in the traditions and customs of the community, at one of the moments when socio-economic differences between families will appreciate more intensely, Christmas.

This solidarity gesture of the agrobiotech company consolidates as its the second year in which it occurs, as one of the actions for the community or civil society of corporate social responsibility of Futureco Bioscience, who recently signed the United Nations Global Compact, committing to undertake actions that ensure human rights, labor rights, care and awareness for the environment, transparency and anti-corruption.

The Director General of Futureco Bioscience, Rafael Juncosa, communicating the delivery of the lots, said: "This gesture is one of the initiatives of social responsibility to the citizens that we are happy to perform. Civil society is the final consumer of fruits and vegetables that may have been treated with our zero waste products in the field. We think about our actions to meet, ultimately, the needs of people, and that not only translates in what we sell, but means that everything we do is in the direction of generating welfare and sustainable development in every way". Manuel Medina, coordinator of Rebost Solidari, expressed his appreciation for this action for the second consecutive year.

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