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More environmental friendly new packaging

More environmental friendly new packaging

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Since its foundation, more than twenty years ago, Futureco Bioscience wanted to provide clean solutions that could decrease the impact of agricultural practices. From then on, the company has not only concerned about providing agrobiological products of zero waste, but also wanted to expand ecological sustainability to all the stages of its business management, implementing ISO14001: 2004 which certifies good practices of environmental management and joining the United Nations Global Compact, supporting the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development of the UN in its Corporate Social Responsibility.

Some of the initiatives undertaken to promote ecological sustainability in business activity have been the regulation of consumption of energy, water, paper and ink, as also applying criteria of selection of suppliers based on their commitment to this field, either by adopting ISO14001 certification or other actions of environmental preservation and awareness.

The final decision in this regard by Futureco Bioscience has been to change the packaging boxes to transport its products, distributed worldwide, of which the company consumes more than 75,000 units annually. The boxes change to be of white cardboard, chemically treated by various processes, to be 100% organic. In addition to savings of chemical industrial processes for the cardboard treatment, these boxes are manufactured by a Catalan company. Both features revert positively on the local economy, reduce the carbon footprint as transportation of proximity or zero kilometre is improved, as industrial wastes associated with dyeing materials like cardboard are avoided.

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