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EPSR Webpage

EPSR Webpage

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Barcelona hosts from 20 to 23 June one of the most famous and fresh research congresses of plants, the EPSR (European Plant Science Retreat), organized by local researchers, and that changes each edition of location. This year, Futureco Bioscience, besides attending the event, sponsors one of the presentations of the invited experts, the conference of Dr. Gunther Döhlemann, professor and leader of the research group of Terrestrial Microbiology at the Universität zu Köln (Cologne, Germany ).

Gunther Döhlemann tries to identify and understand the mechanisms of interactions between plants and microbes, focusing on proteins of biotrphic microbes that suppress immunity and metabolism of the plant. Understanding these mechanisms will allow us to design better tools of biological control and bio-stimulation to mitigate its effects. The ESPR also has a full program of lectures, experts, researchers who present short lectures and posters among other professionals of plant research coming from all over Europe. The event is conceived not as an ordinary Congress, but a retreat or immersion for researchers, to live three days of science with its main actors.

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