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Speed dating, from a professional scope

Attendees of the Speed Dating event

Attendees of the Speed Dating event

Chronometer for the interviews of one minute

Chronometer for the interviews of one minute

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On the 28th January 28 a session of speed dating was held in Vilafranca as an initiative organized by ADEG (Association of Companies of Garraf and Penedès) and Entrem-hi. This speed-dating session was not organized to find romance, but to find a job, as it consisted in brief job interviews of one minute as a practical exercise for people whose main activity is to search for an employment, which requires practice and a number of capabilities that are beyond the programmes of conventional academic cycles.

Representatives of Futureco Bioscience, Novell Coffees and Brose, companies that commercialize their products worldwide but are native and have their headquarters in the Catalan counties of Penedès and Garraf, were invited to act as recruiters and interviewers. With very little information from the respondents, after their minute of exposure, the interviewers should evaluate their presence, the contents of their speech, their attitude, communication skills and degree of confidence they generated.

The group of interviewed were coordinated by Entrem-hi, a cooperative whose main mission is to help to find employment for people that are at risk of social exclusion or have a disability. The group was diverse in age, gender, origin and family status. Following the interviews, all attendees, interviewers, coordinators and technicians from Entrem-hi shared their experience and views on what is most valued of someone being interviewed for a job.

One of the conclusions was, obviously, that one minute is too little time to give an opinion and generate some tuning between the interviewer and the respondent. The CV is important, but even more so is the attitude and self-confidence in what that person can give to the company, agreed all the interviewers.

The smile, posture, predisposition to give the best of yourself, but also openness and honesty are important, such as “not pretending to be who you are not”, said Juli Silvestre, or “sell a personality that could cause much suffering afterwards to the employee, because it is not loyal to his way of being, imagine someone that is really shy and loves to solve technical problems alone, doing a job facing the public because he or she means to be more open and social, this can cause suffering and job absenteeism”, Juli added. To learn mainly to show the best you can give, after reflecting about it, something hard when a person who doesn’t find work nor receives any response of the companies to which he or she sends its CV, something that can lead to despair and devaluation, gateways to low self-esteem and its consequences.

Entrem-hi, in this sense "does a wonderful job," said Isabel Troytiño of Futureco Bioscience, arguing "One of the biggest risks of becoming unemployed and not finding another job is to hide indoors in a spiral of negativity. Entrem-hi gives people in risk of social exclusion the opportunity to stay active, certify professional experience through training and on-going internship. This makes those people getting to the job interviews with some authority on their capabilities, as they have remained active, interacting and gearing without stopping in their goal of feeling they can still offer a service to society through their work."

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