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Presentation and video in the showroom of the headquarters of Futureco Bioscience

Presentation and video in the showroom of the headquarters of Futureco Bioscience

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On October 2, 2014, Futureco Bioscience received a group of twenty students of the Frederiksberg Technical Gymnasium, a Danish highschool. The visit included a presentation about the research, development, production and commercialization of agrobiological inputs respectful to the environment for plant nutrition and protection, such as biopesticides, bio-stimulants, bio-activators and other Futureco Bioscience products.

This is the third year that the Danish Institute chooses Barcelona as a destination for the trip of highschool students. The teachers of the Frederiksberg Technical Gymnasium fill the schedule with visits to technological companies and research centres, giving as much importance to the experience of knowing how science and innovation work in another country, as to those maintsream visits to monuments and public places suggested by any tourist guide.

These visits are part of the initiative to promote scientific vocations from the Area of Responsible Projects. Their aim is to provide an insight on how knowledge is applied in the context of an organization, in order to expand the vision of teenagers, who are a few months from the day they will decide their professional future as also the sector in which they will carry out their contribution to the socio-economic machinery of where they'll do their life, a place that day after day becomes more global.

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