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NOFLY can be marketed in Spain, its country of origin

Commercial image of NOFLY

Commercial image of NOFLY

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NOFLY, the bioinsecticide fully developed and registered from Spain by Futureco Bioscience, has the green light to be commercialized in its country of origin. This week it has been included in the official phytosanitary product register of the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Food and Environment with the number 25427. NOFLY has been initially authorized for biological control of whitefly. This news comes after a long registration process that began with the application for authorization of the active substance in 2005.

Currently NOFLY is registered in the USA, Canada, Morocco, Kenya, Belgium, Italy, Israel, and now also in Spain. It is in the process of being registered in several Latin American countries such as Mexico, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Dominican Republic and Costa Rica. It is authorized for use in organic farming in accordance with EU, NOP and JAS standards by internationally recognized certifiers such as OMRI and BCS.

Based on spores of strain FE9901 from Isaria fumosorosea (before Paecilomyces fumosoroseus), this entomopathogenic fungus is a natural enemy of some insect species that often cause significant economic losses to farmers. NOFLY has been awarded several times for its innovative character, as well as being the product that in 2001 engaged the R & D Department of Futureco Bioscience, now one of the most important assets of the company that has reported many more innovations, and that confers to Futureco Bioscience a privileged place among other companies in the sector.

The fact that the registration of biopesticides is much longer than the registration of biofertilizers or biostimulants, is due to the need of demonstrating they are innocuous on plant, animal and human health, and this must be endorsed by official organisms and laboratories, that also have to test they are not ecotoxic and neither affect beneficial insect species such as bees, which maintain a trophic balance and biodiversity of ecosystems.

It must also be shown that the as a bioinsecticide which active ingredient is a fungus, NOFLY is compatible with other biological control practices and fungicide products. The registration in Europe of this type of product requires that the active substance is previously authorized at Community level after the evaluation by the authorities of all the member countries, EFSA and the European Commission of the group of studies, that demonstrate their innocuousness to the people and the environment.

“NOFLY has a very important value for us, not only for its quality, efficiency and innovative character for a more sustainable and responsible agriculture. It also represents our non-combustible bet on applied R&D since 2001. Thanks to NOFLY we have been able to learn and undertake many R&D projects and we have had the opportunity to grow our company with talent and knowledge and place it with presence around the world" says Rafael Juncosa.

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