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New labelling of products with QR codes for security data access

Label of Citogrower with QR code

Label of Citogrower with QR code

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Futureco Bioscience is adding to the labels of its products a Quick Response (QR) code so its users can consult the safety data sheets from their Internet mobile device and access easier to the instructions of use and safe manipulation during its storage and application.

QR codes are two dimensions barcodes (like the picture) or arrays of dots carrying information hosted on the Internet. When scanning this matrix with a mobile Internet device such as a Smartphone or Tablet incorporating a QR code reader application, it automatically takes the user to the URL (Internet address) where the information is hosted, in this case the safety data sheets for the specific product label being scanned.

With this initiative Futureco Bioscience wants to give its clients the maximum amount of information about its products and ensure that they are stored and used appropriately.

Besides via reading QR code on labels, customers and users of Futureco Bioscience products can access MSDSs in the online catalog and consult the information for each product.

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