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Víctor Quero Cambra

Víctor Quero Cambra

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Futureco Bioscience thickens again its R&D strategy to accelerate the release of new biopesticides, bio-stimulants, bio-activators and other specialties for plant protection and plant nutrition products if zero waste and respectful to the environment. 

From Monday, October 13 2014, Victor Quero Cambra, Chemical Engineering and a Masters in Industrial Engineering from the School IQS Engineering, Ramon Llull University in Barcelona, joins the team that drives innovation and demonstrates the quality, efficacy and safety of the products of the Spanish agrobiotech. 

Victor's case is exceptional, as he returns to Spain from the United States at a time when many Spanish researchers have to pack to go to a place where they can continue their scientific and technological career. The new researcher is motivated and excited to return to Spain and join the company, and says he's "eager to work and motivated to try to bring a different perspective in reference to the formulation of the final product." 

Indeed, Victor will strengthen the team of R&D through research on new formulations for Futureco Bioscience products with the aim of increasing the storage stability and innovate in the accuracy and performance of field application, among other factors, facilitating farmers to adapt and implement zero waste and environmental friendly agricultural practices, increasingly emerging and forced by the administrations in order to make agriculture activities more sustainable. 

With this new addition, the research staff reaches a 37% of the total workforce of Futureco Bioscience, a sure bet for innovation and knowledge generation, which is reaching its exponential phase to bring to market new products.

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