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Poster of the Science Week 2013 in Catalonia

Poster of the Science Week 2013 in Catalonia

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Futureco Bioscience decided recently to formalize a new workspace that is integrated into the activities of Corporate Social Responsibility and Communication: the Responsible Projects Area, with four lines of action: Society, Cooperation and Development, Environment and Education.

To date, on the Education line we have performed two activities: Tackle Biotech, a summer school stage of a month for four teenagers to engage its first contact with applied research in a biotech company such as ours, and the visit of a group of highschool students from Denmark, that apart from visiting the Park Güell filled their start of course trip to Catalonia with science activities such as the the visit to Futureco Bioscience, Barcelona Super Computing Center and Cosmo Caixa .

Before the end of 2013, Futureco Bioscience adds another activity more and participates in one of the quotes that year after year fill November's calendar throughout the Spanish geography with scientific dissemination events: the Science Week. To participate we plan to offer a visit to our facilities and labs, as to present and train on how to produce biopesticides based on natural enemies of insects, nematodes, fungi and bacteria pests that affect agricultural crops, leaving no residue in the environment.

These activities are intended to promote scientific vocation of young people that have to decide what to do with their life and rarely have a real contact with the job they could develop a few years later when the decision was made, as also the importance beyond individual interest of what that decision may mean for society, among many other benefits, such as those set out in the article published by Biocat: Why is it important to encourage scientific vocation?

For further information about the visit you can check the website of the Science Week or contact us through communication@futurecobioscience.com

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