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Unai Pérez Igúzquiza

Unai Pérez Igúzquiza

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The career of a researcher involves, almost obligatorily, going to university, studying a career or degree and gain the research capacity degree through further study of Master Degree or postgraduate courses, also combined with work experience to practice what he or she has learned, and to provide knowledge to the scientific community in particular and society in general. Once you get that research proficiency, you can then move on to complete a PhD and from there, engage in more postdoctoral research either public or private.

One of the casuistry of the training of researchers in Spain, where Futureco Bioscience has its headquarters, is that the researchers are taught and skilled in the country, but they find themselves obliged to provide the potential knowledge of their job outdoor, due to the scarcity of jobs for qualified people that cannot provide an immediate term turnover, the reason why there’s so scarce investment in R&D, despite knowing that without ingenuity and innovation there’s no reachable value to be competitive in the market and grow neither. This is mainly what justifies the brain drain in Spain.

A little against the tide, hence appealing to the common sense that there is no other way to innovate and grow, Futureco Bioscience has doubled in less than three years, the number of researchers, reaching the 42% of the total staff of the company, and has opened the doors of its laboratories to accommodate Master Degree’s practices projects for students that can ​​reach its research sufficiency certificate while contributing to the development of biostimulants and biopesticides for cleaner and lower impact agriculture.

The result of engaging to train science to new researchers, adds to the research and development team Unai Pérez Igúzquiza. Unai is Bachellor Degree in Agricultural Engineering and Rural Environment from the Public University of Navarra, and Master in Plant Biology and Biotechnology from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Unai dedicated his Final Report of Master (FRM) to the investigation of microorganisms that mitigate the effect of water stress on plants, preparing a method for evaluating how these could help plants to overcome the effects of drought in controlled conditions, performing assays of product prototypes based on such microorganisms.

Unai will be responsible for the Unit of Plant Physiology, continuing with the project launched during his FRM in the company, in addition to join other projects of the Programme of Biofertilizers and Biostimulants. "For me it means being able to continue the project already initiated and devote myself to the job that I love, close to my people without having to travel far away like other colleagues have been obliged to do." Unai has come to stay, Futureco Bioscience has helped him to learn to investigate, and is ready to contribute much more in a team of excellent research.

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