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Staff of Futureco Bioscience and Bioamerica

Staff of Futureco Bioscience and Bioamerica

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A good relationship between customer and supplier, with a healthy communication, can generate business opportunities and contribute to market growth. To do this they have to create an environment where they can talk about innovation, new products and solutions that anticipate to emerging demands, as also respond to the needs of each part within the context in which they operate. This is done not only by buying and selling, but also by sharing experiences in the field with the end user, technical knowledge or discuss the status quo of research for the development of new formulations for clean plant nutrition and plant protection, easier to apply, more stable, soluble, effective and safe. Of course, the customer and supplier relationship when both are medium enterprises, is not one to one, but several to many, and vice versa. To make this relationship happen and give its fruits both parts have to talk and work together.

Convinced of this premise, on 9 and 10 April 2015, part of the management team of Futureco Bioscience met in Chile with the management team of Bioamerica, and along with agricultural and technical officers that operate from north to south the longest country in Latin America, with the highest climate variability and all that this fact implies for a company that distributes agrobiological inputs for all crops in Chile, which is to offer products that serve to crops with different water availability, micronutrients and other conditions by abiotic and biotic factors.

Bioamerica is the leading distributor of Futureco Bioscience in Chile and the first company that commercializes agrobiological inputs in this country. They are the reference in the market of agricultural inputs, that is rich in competitors. The visit of Futureco Bioscience during two intense days has allowed to present new products that are coming, demanded products from the Chilean fields and crops, share the points of view about the context of agriculture, the environment and global society, the latest issues in plant nutrition and plant protection and, ultimately, the strategy to bring something new from the Department of R&D of Futureco Bioscience, where reserach management is focused to bring new products to the market. Bioamerica would not have become what it is without Futureco Bioscience's products, as Futureco Bioscience had not come to be who it is without the bet that Bioamerica meets for 21 years, that allows the income that will be used to generate more R&D, to impact further on helping Bioamerica to remain leaders in Chile, and recognized as leaders by farmer advisors and consultants worldwide.

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