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Talking about the needs of crops in Irán

Talking about the needs of crops in Irán

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The third week of May saw a technical support and fieldwork trip between Futureco Bioscience and its distributor in Iran, Foroughe Dasht Co.. Thomas Martínez, Business Development and Product Manager, travelled to Iran to work side by side with commercial technicians. Three intense days of field visits and technical advice to Iranian farmers. Three days of diagnosis of the health status of crops and soils, and the proposal of integrated solutions for crops of tomato, cucumber, pistachio and apple tree mainly. Also the presence of of the products that lead the current market and its positioning was analyzed, and resulted to be very positive.

Horticultural fields were visited in the Yazd area, and a needs analysis was carried out, in order to detect and offer integrated solutions of Futureco Bioscience, through consultation with commercial, field and farmer technicians. With 2000Ha of greenhouse, the main problem is water from deep wells (100m and 300m depth), the high salinity of the soils, the pH and the conductivity of the water of application and irrigation. This context makes Improve a key product.

The start of programs of combined use of Bioradicante and Ecormon via irrigation was considered. Biostimulant tests have also been started to overcome saline stress, which Futureco Bioscience will deal with its R&D Department in Spain and Foroughe Dasht Co. in Iran.

In the visit to pistachio crops, the main problems are deficiencies of microelements, biostimulation programs and infections by the fungus Phytophtora sp. In the northern area, in other fruit trees such as apple trees, trials have been launched with Citogrower, which will receive advice and follow-up by expert technicians from Futureco Bioscience.

Thomas Martinez concluded from this visit that "by areas and climates, Iran has great potential, but the great limitation of Iranian agriculture is to have a low rate of export, although this will change, and with that there will be a great change in the mind of farmers and the technicality of the use of fertilizers, biostimulants and biopesticides."

Futureco Bioscience continues and will continue to work with Foroughe Dasht Co in developing technical, clean and integrated solutions for Iranian agriculture.

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