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International Rural Women's Day: "Rural Women Growing Good Food for All"

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Today, October 15th is the International Day of Rural Women under the theme "Rural Women Who Grow Good Food For All".

This recognition of women's work in agriculture was established by the UN General Assembly in 2007, to highlight “the fundamental role and contribution of rural women, including indigenous women, to improve development agriculture and rural areas, increase food security and eradicate rural poverty", according to the 62/136 resolution.

Women represent over 40% of the agricultural workforce in developing countries and may reach over 50% in certain parts of Africa and Asia. However, they are in a situation of significant inequality in terms of ownership of land and livestock, remuneration, participation in decision-making, and access to resources. All of this affects their life quality and represents an obstacle to ending poverty and hunger, which constitute one of the Sustainable Development Goals (Zero Hunger).

According to the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations), if women had the same access as men to resources, agricultural production in developing countries would increase between 2.5 and 4%, and the number of malnourished people in the world would decrease approximately between 12% and 17%. This human group plays a fundamental role in the food system: from production to processing, preparation, consumption, and distribution of food, as well as in the protection of family and community nutrition.

Our planet has enough capacity to provide a good diet for all of society, even so, more and more people do not receive enough food and nutrition. Achieving gender equality and ending discrimination against rural women is a goal that benefits the entire population and contributes to reducing global poverty. Let's all make this day count.


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