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Defender Conference with Bioamerica

Defender Conference with Bioamerica

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Sergi Ferrero, Product Manager of Futurec Bioscience's biostimulant line, traveled to Chile from July 2 to 7, to meet with the Bioamerica team and participate in meetings and conferences with agricultural technicians from all regions and crops, focusing on those with higher added value.

Bioamerica sells Futureco Bioscience products in Chile, and is one of the strongest agricultural distributors in the Chilean market, offering quality products and a team of technicians, highly qualified, attentive and excellent advisers, in constant contact with the farmer to meet their demands and provide accurate programs and solutions.

During the stay of Sergi, meetings, visits and conferences were organized, and Citofour and FitoMaat were presented, as well as some news about products already present in the Chilean market, such as the Defender line or Vitalem.

The most important day of the trip was undoubtedly Wednesday, July 5, when the Defender Conference took place, attended by 100 people and held at the Hotel Sun Monticello, near the recently opened Bioamerica new headquarters.

At the Conference, Sergi gave a detailed explanation of the features of the Defender line and the importance, advantages and limitations of formulations for foliar nutrition, whose composition is crucial to ensure its efficacy to solve the specific nutrient deficiency of the plant. Defender line products have a unique and exclusive formulation for each nutrient, whose penetration, absorption and distribution through the plant after the foliar application is specific. The complexing or chelating agent used, its concentration, pH and other physico-chemical properties of the formulation, determine its degree of effectiveness. This ensures the optimum performance of each application. Finally, Sergi presented FitoMaat, which generated many questions and a very positive expectations among attendees, for its application in citrus, table grape, stone fruit and vegetables.

On Thursday, July 6, avocado and citrus consultants from the V Region attended to presentations of FitoMaat, Citofour and Vitalem, biostimulants suitable for optimum growth and development of these crops in different stages of their life cycles, and in addition of Defender for tomato producers and Greenhouse avocado. The rest of the meetings brought together consultants and technicians to deepen each of the products and their suitability and effectiveness for different stages of each crop.

About the new products, Citofour is a new formulation that allows the induction of flowering and caliber improvement in crops such as stone (citrus fruits, citrus, avocado and others).

On the other hand, FitoMaat is a microgranulated biostimulant that prevents and treats the abiotic stress of water deficiency, saline excess or extreme temperature. Sergi devoted time to explain its technical features and functioning, to prevent the increasingly frequent effects of weather variability, possibly due to climate change, that makes more frequent changes from periods of water shortage to recurrent torrential rains that can affect dramatically crop yield and consequent economic losses.

The use of FitoMaat was focused on the cultivation of cherry, to protect flower and fresh fruit, mainly in early stages of flower and fruit to reduce the use of protective waxes in ripe fruit. In a meeting with technicians, the use of FitoMaat in walnut and hazelnut was also addressed as a tool for continuous improvement of the crop, applied at low doses and during the whole cycle, since the walnut goes through different phases of stress. Tests of joint application of FitoMaat and Citofour in these crops will be carried out.

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