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How will biotechnology, agriculture and environment converge in the upcoming years?

Invitation to the panel discussion to talk about the convergence between agriculture, biotech and environment and the trends of the sector

Invitation to the panel discussion to talk about the convergence between agriculture, biotech and environment and the trends of the sector

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This 2013 Futureco Bioscience celebrates its 20th anniversary. Since we started our journey in the agrobiotech sector, the biopesticides and biostimulants market has evolved considerably, as an alternative to agrochemicals for plant nutrition and protection. The sector is now in a full swing. We look backwards and recap what has been done so far, and look in perspective where we want to go, and what we find is a scenario in which research, development, policies and efforts to reduce the environmental impact of agriculture come together with different initiatives such as new companies, laws, policies and innovative products and services. However, while some countries as those that are members of the European Union are very exigent with tests and certifications that may permit new biopesticides to launch into the EU market, a few other countries undergoing economic emergency seek solutions faster and possibly less regulated in a context in which policies of environmental conservation don’t weight as much as the EU’s. In the global context, development of new solutions don’t come equal. We are experiencing a paradigm shift, not only as viewers but as actors, so we have thought that the best way to celebrate our 20th anniversary is with an event that brings together experts in the fields of biotechnology, economy, agriculture and environment to discuss the trends and challenges for the new agriculture.

This celebration will take place on September 19, at 18:30 in the IEC (Institut d' Estudis Catalans, Calle del Carmen 47, Barcelona) with a panel discussion titled "Theménage à trois of agriculture, biotechnology and the environment. Fact or Fiction?". This panel will expose topics such as the future of agriculture in the hands of a biotechnology that does not involve genetic modification of plants or organisms, and seeks to reduce the impact of agricultural practices on the environment.

The event will be presented by Esther Torres, from the Catalan Institute of Agrarian Studies (ICEA) of the IEC, and will count with the participation of Carolina Fernandez, Director of the Department of R&D and Regulatory Affairs of Futureco Bioscience, Xavier Duran, science journalist and director of the program of TV3 “El Medi Ambient”, Ana Caño Delgado, researcher at the Agrigenomics Research Center of CSIC (CRAG), Montse Martí, technician from the SELMAR Plant Defense Federation, Francesc Reguant, vicepresident of ICEA and expert in economy and social impact of agriculture trends, and Amaya Prat, Head of the Group of Sustainability certification of Casaametller, and will be moderated by Cristina Ribas, chairwoman of the Catalan Association for Science Communication (ACCC).

Participants will answer how will be the future of agriculture to supply the needs of feeding a world population with minimal impact to the environment, what are the steps and actions we can take from today to lead the charge towards a clean agriculture, or what are the main issues that make that change difficult, when not impossible.

The event is co-organized by the Catalan Association of Scientific, the Catalan Institute for Agrarian Studies, and the Casaametller Group, who will provide attendees with a cocktail at the end of the event. The event is open, but having a limited capacity we request to confirm attendance by e-mail to communication@futurecobioscience.com.

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