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Product application by spraying

Product application by spraying

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When we apply a product in the field and greenhouse by irrigation or spraying, we usually dilute it previously in a volume of running water. The physical chemical qualities of the water when diluting the product, can alter its effectiveness, reducing the performance of application and rebounding in a greater expense. To ensure the efficient application of agricultural inputs, we can use adjuvants such as IMPROVE®, one of the most versatile products of Futureco Bioscience.

IMPROVE® is an adjuvant and regulator designed to:

1) Regulate pH: When fertilizers and pesticides are dissolved in extremely alkaline waters, they suffer hydrolysis that partially or completely reduces their efficacy. Addition of IMPROVE® to spraying solution acidifies alkaline waters up to an optimum pH for the better performance of active substances. IMPROVE® contains a built-in pH indicator that turns the spraying solution pink or red when optimum pH (usually 4.5 – 5.5) is reached. 

2) Balance hard water: Hard water contains high levels of calcium carbonate or bi-carbonate, magnesium and other salts that inactivate pesticides and fertilizers. The capacity of water to conduct electricity (CE) is related to the concentration of dissolved salts in it. IMPROVE® is able to neutralize the hardness of the water due to the presence of dissolved salts in the application broth.

3) Enhance spreading and Penetration: The addition of IMPROVE® to the spray mixture reduces surface tension, ensuring uniform spreading. IMPROVE® contains additional wetters, spreaders and penetrants to enhance spray performance.

IMPROVE® prevents deactivation caused by hard water of post emergency herbicides, insecticides, phytohormone products and fertilizers.

In this video we show how it works:

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