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How to give wheat the zinc it needs to make it a whole food

Field cultivated with wheat

Field cultivated with wheat

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Today has been published the Ecoletter Efficacy of absorption of Zinc in wheat after the application of Defender Zn®, which compares the absorption of the deficiency corrector of Futureco Bioscience Defender Zn® applied to wheat with another widely used commercial product based on Zn oxide, and formulated by chemical synthesis excipients.

Zinc (Zn) is an essential micronutrient required for plant growth. Involved in several enzymatic activities, Zn has a key role in physiological processes such as photosynthesis, sugar metabolism and biosynthesis of hormones. Zn also acts as a protector of the structure of the cell membrane against oxidative and abiotic stresses. Its deficiency in both the soil and the plant can be corrected by exogenous applications of this micronutrient. However, the plant doesn’t absorb equally all commercial deficiency correctors of Zn products, so this element may have more or less availability to the plant as depending on the product formulation, which directly influences the expected effect. 

Wheat plants are sensitive to Zinc deficiency, and its absence can lead to significant performance reduction with consequent economic losses. Furthermore, it has been referenced that in Zn deficient arable areas human populations show problems with this microelement deficiency, thus increasing the content of Zn in culture can reverse in a positively higher quality and nutritive value of food to meet the needs of this mineral in the human diet. You can read the Ecoletter of the trials here.

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