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Here comes the sun

The sun is one of the main sources of energy for plants

The sun is one of the main sources of energy for plants

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June 21 is the world's day of the sun, one of the main energy sources of plants and algae to transform an inorganic substrate into usable organic matter for the metabolism and growth of its cells and tissues. This process of transformation is known as photosynthesis, and in plants it takes place in the chloroplasts, organelles of plant cells.

Photosynthesis can be summarized as the chemical process that takes place in plants thanks to an essential biomolecule for this process to take place: chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is a pigment involved in the absorption of solar energy for its conversion to chemical energy usable by the plant.

In vivo trials with biostimulants ran in the laboratories of the R&D Department of Futureco Bioscience, have determined that plants treated with Botamisol 80Pro® and FitoMaat® increase the concentration of chlorophyll a, and therefore its capacity to favor the yield of photosynthesis and the availability of plant nutrients for appropriate metabolism, something that should be tested in subsequent trials by measuring the photosynthetic rate of plants treated with these two products.

Botamisol 80Pro® is a biostimulant formulated with amino acids of vegetable origin, micro-granulated and of high concentration, whose application improves the physiological state of crops, both in chemical and abiotic post-stress applications, maximizing growth. Botamisol 80-Pro® activates the endogenous routes of hormone synthesis improving the growth of crops.

FitoMaat® is a biostimulant formulated with glycine-betaine and proline that help plants to overcome abiotic stress conditions such as salinity, lack of water and extreme temperatures, favouring the normal growth of the crop in adverse conditions. Its high concentration in osmoprotective molecules ensures the maintenance of the photosynthetic rate and protein synthesis.

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