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Genomaat is the tool for microbe-assisted crop-production

Genomaat is the tool for microbe-assisted crop-production

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A new tool for regenerative and precision agriculture

Futureco Bioscience, presents Genomaat, an innovative service to custom-optimize the crop production performance. Genomaat empowers growers through soil microbiome data and personalized analysis, and offers tailor-made microbial solutions based on the company’s unique collection of microorganisms, or the native flora of the plot analyzed.

Genomaat uses high throughput technology to break down the soil biodiversity complexity of the soil ecosystem into meaningful bio-functional parameters, uncovering the relationship between soil health and the overall field performance.

“The launch of this new tool with such a big potential,  is one of many steps we are taking as a company to provide farmers with solutions able to combine the benefits of sustainability and the natural power of Nature with the potential of today’s technology” said Rafael Juncosa, CEO and President of Futureco Bioscience “We are committed to leadership and innovation in microbial engineering applied to crop production, now and in the future, thanks to our extensive experience in the sector and commitment to innovation.”

Genomaat allows to expose the unique functional fingerprint of the crop soil food web to: 

  • improve the bio-functional characteristics of crop soil and the soil food web, increasing biodiversity and mobilizing nutrients
  • highlight functional imbalances in the soil ecosystem, anticipating crop needs and allowing a precise input optimization
  • predict disease threats and providing recommendations of targeted prevention methods that avoid reliance on previous treatments
  • assess treatments - soil samples can be analysed before and after a specific biological or conventional treatment to assess the change in the dynamic of the soil microbiome
  • recover biodiversity and health of heavy metal or pesticide contaminated soils.

Altogether, Genomaat creates tangible opportunities for efficient and environmentally regenerative approaches to crop management.

Genomaat develops in three phases: initial functional diagnosis, ad hoc microbiota engineering and microbes farming, and finally evaluation of the improved functionality. The core phase of soil microbiota optimization lays its foundations on the long trajectory of Futureco Bioscience in the agribiotech field and the cumulative experience in biostimulant products.

Futureco Bioscience Microbial Portfolio

Futureco Bioscience’s portfolio of microbial solutions is derived from naturally occurring microbes and has been designed to boost crop yields in a sustainable way.

“Microbes have the ability to promote plant growth and stress tolerance, support plant nutrition, and antagonize plant pathogens. As they do a lot of work for the farmer, increasing their presence in our soils is a crucial step to the eventual elimination of pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. The integration of beneficial plant-microbe and microbiome engineering is definitely a very promising solution to improve agricultural production and meet crop nutrition requirements through natural processes.” commented Dr. Carolina Fernandez, R&D Director.

Futureco Bioscience core bio-consortia help plants with nutrient uptake and stress tolerance, besides helping protect plants against pests and diseases. Customized microbial inoculants programs generated by Futureco Bioscience are complemented with a broad assortment of soil bio-community enhancers: specific products that ensure the development of the optimal microenvironmental balance and favour the establishment and persistence of a proactive microbiota.

Futureco Bioscience’s Commitment to Innovation

An agricultural production system is the outcome of complex interactions, both specific and unique for every crop ecosystem. Personalized management is essential for the sustainability of such a distinct, complex ecosystem. Furthermore, the increased environmental consciousness of the public and the global health threat that we are all currently facing are pushing all stakeholders to modify agricultural management practices. In this way it is possible to achieve improved conservation of natural resources such as water, air and soil, while maintaining the economical profit.

Since its inception, Futureco Bioscience’s mission has been to create innovative, effective, and sustainable products, good for both the crop and the environment, and to distribute them to growers around the world. We strongly support regenerative agricultural practices that help to mitigate climate change and improve the resiliency of land: Genomaat is the tool that we have developed to drive this change forward.

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