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Efficacy of Cromaliv in cherry

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The Research and Development Department of Futureco Bioscience has picked up in Ecoletter 26 the results of efficiency trials of Cromaliv in cherry. These trials evaluated how this new biostimulant that activates fruit coloration also influenced in the diameter and weight of fruits, maturation, and percentage of sugars. The conclusions show that the application of Cromaliv® allows increasing the intensity of the fruit without accelerating the maturation of the cherry without...

Tips for the use of agricultural inputs in Mexican key crops

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Xabier Gainzarain, Product Manager of Futureco Bioscience, travelled during the month of May to Mexico to meet with Diego Sánchez and César H. Ramírez of SIPCAM ADVAN, the official distributor of Futureco Bioscience products in Mexico. The trip involved crop field visits and technical trainings of Fitomaat®, Citogrower®, Alfositol® and Bestcure® in the areas of Guadalajara, Villahermosa and Mexicali, on the most significant crops of each...

Agricultural experts, companies and producers meet in Ica

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From June 12 to 14, in the Peruvian city of Ica, the Redagricola Ica Conference is held, one of the three most important conferences of the Peruvian agricultural sector, along with Piura, which took place in May, and Trujillo, which will be held in August. Ica brings together over 700 professionals, 42 stands and 24 lecturers. The main topics of its sensational program, which will feature lectures, seminars and workshops simultaneously in four rooms, focus on the most advanced cultivation...

Agrosisa's commitment to organic agriculture in Ecuador

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During the second week of May, the Futureco Bioscience team had the pleasure of receiving Agrosisa, distributor of its products in Ecuador. Agrosisa is a new company in the Ecuadorian market founded by engineer Jorge Flores in 2016. Flores is a broad connoisseur of the Ecuadorian market, of its distribution channels and, mainly, of all the nutritional aspects of each of its crops. Agrosisa has had since its founding the objective of offering its customers quality alternatives and...

We launch Radisan®, new biostimulant for the development of the root system

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Futureco Bioscience has designed and developed Radisan®, a new biostimulant for the development of the root system, which improves its structure and strengthens the general state of the plant. Its formulation is rich in amino acids, precursor microelements, and activators of phytohormone synthesis routes (auxins, cytokinins, and gibberellins). Radisan also contains a fermentation medium of microorganisms from exclusive strains of Futureco Bioscience: Lysobacter...

Futureco Bioscience strategy to improve fruit setting and size in Avocado crops

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Creating value through knowledge is one of the pillars of Futureco Bioscience to influence the paradigm shift of the new agriculture. For this reason, technical and training sessions are carried out assiduously for agricultural technicians and farmers. In mid-March, Xabier traveled to Colombia to make a series of strategic training to increase the yield per hectare of Hass avocado crops with application programs of Ecormon, Citogrower, and Bestcure. The most optimal program to increase the...

Futureco Bioscience and the UCO start a project to develop a bioinsecticide to control the olive fly

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Last February, a contract was signed between the company FUTURECO BIOSCIENCE, S.A. and the University of Córdoba (UCO) of Public Purchase of Innovation in its pre-commercial modality as part of the INNOLIVAR Project, in accordance with the provisions of the Agreement between the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness and the UCO, co-financed with FEDER funds. The object of the contract is the "Preparation of a pre-commercial form of entomopathogenic fungi for the...

How to certify that an agricultural input is suitable for organic farming?

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To affirm that a product is suitable for use in ecological, organic or biological farming, it has to be certified. There are several certificates, which mostly vary in the territorial scope in which they apply, regional, national and international. The accrediting entities, depending on the country, can be independent or managed by the public administration. These accreditations require a series of conditions on the production, storage, manufacture, packaging, and distribution of the products...
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