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FUTURECO BIOSCIENCE starts registration process of a new biological fungicide: ACTINOVATE SP

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The Research & Development department of FUTURECO BIOSCIENCE, S.L. completed the dossier for supporting inclusion in Annex I to directive 91/414/EC of the new biological control agent Streptomyces lydicus WYEC 108 in last September. This BCA is a beneficial bacterium belonging to Actinobacteria Phylum with recognized antimicrobial activity on a wide range of soil decay fungi and aerial pathogens.

ACTINOVATE SP is the commercial product based on WYEC 108 strain of S. lydicus. It is manufactured in the USA by NATURAL INDUSTRIES Inc, and since 2007 FUTURECO BIOSCIENCE has exclusive rights for its distribution in Europe, Chile and Morocco. Currently ACTINOVATE SP is being applied successfully in several countries to effectively control Pythium, Rhizoctonia, Fusarium, Phytophthora, Verticillium, mildew,Botrytis, Alternaria and others on a number of crops such as vegetables, legumes, grapes, stone and pome fruit, turf and ornamentals.

When introduced into the soil, S. lydicus WYEC 108 colonizes and grows around the root system of plants. It forms a synergistic relationship by feeding off of the plant’s waste materials while secreting beneficial and protective by-products, forming a defensive barrier around the root system. Furthermore, S.lydicus produces siderophores, molecules able to complex minerals and micronutrient found in the soil, allowing an easier uptake which provides a direct plant growth promotion effect.

Holland has been selected as RMS for this dossier on the basis of its experience and effectiveness as this country leaded the evaluation of microorganisms included in fourth stage of reviewing program of Directive 91/414/EC.

Currently, ACTINOVATE SP is registered in the USA, Canada, Turkey, India, and New Zealand. The imminent amendments to Directive 91/414 are aimed to reduce and rationalize the use of synthetic plant protection products and thus need for ecological alternatives for plant protection is becoming bigger. FUTURECO BIOSCIENCE consolidates its commitment to the development of biopesticides in the midst of the crisis caused by the withdrawal from the market of many synthetic active substances.

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