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2013 is still a prolific year for FUTURECO BIOSCIENCE, as it’s the year that the company celebrates its twentieth anniversary, and is achieving its strategic goals in the market, R&D and communication. In the latter area, FUTURECO BIOSCIENCEhas extended its chart incorporating the Department of Communication and Public Relations, a structure that will disseminate and systematize dissemination of progress in R&D of the company, disclose environmentally friendly biotechnology, aware of environmental care, and carry out projects of corporate social responsibility, cooperation and development and education.

One of the first decisions in this area has been the incorporation of the company as a partner of the Catalan Association of Scientific Communication (ACCC), an organization whose main objective is to promote, disseminate, expand and improve scientific communication in Catalonia, with international recognition. The ACCC also wants to influence the social and political aspects of scientific information, ensuring to contribute to social progress.

FUTURECO BIOSCIENCE joins as a partner from the ACCC for synergies, co-organize events and campaigns of dissemination of science and have a constant support and advice on science communication of the ACCC.

FUTURECO BIOSCIENCE recognizes that investment in R&D is critical for economic development, so as disseminating the results and their relevance for society to understand how that investment has a positive effect not only in their lives, but in society as a whole and in the environment that we cohabit.

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