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Futureco Bioscience is reinforced in the Spanish market

Juan Sierra and Francisco Biehler

Juan Sierra and Francisco Biehler

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After five years of distribution agreement for its products with Certis Europe, Futureco Bioscience takes the direct distribution of its products to the Spanish fields, increasing its presence and proximity to farmers and agricultural technicians. This strategy is part of an approach to the market in a much more personal and technical way, and is part of the initiative to open branches in other countries, which enables the company to operate more directly with the end customer. In turn, it facilitates the transmission of values of both the products and the processes involved, more in line with the company's values beyond manufacture and sale, such as: leadership in R&D, social and environmental commitment, local development and constant improvement to meet the emerging demands of the country and society.

A first step of this new period has been hiring sales staff that will cover the central and southern areas of Spain. The first additions are Juan Sierra and Francisco Biehler. Sierra, agricultural technician and senior technical specialist in management of agricultural enterprises, has a broad experience in consulting and sales of agrobiological and agrochemicals for plant protection and nutrition according to crop needs. Moreover, his partner Biehler is agricultural technical engineer specialized in farms and advisor on organic and integrated production.

In the last five years the products were sold under the names of Futureco Bioscience but with the image of the dealer. Now the renovated labels with its characteristic constituents have been recovered and modernized and will fill up with color the shelves of agricultural stores, with a wider and more specific catalog with new products and new formulations: Defender Active Gama, RootGard System, FitoMaat, Botamisol 80, etc.

In the most immediate Spanish portfolio, you can find biostimulants such as Algaliv, Bioradicante, Botamisol, Ecormon, Frutaliv, Vitalem Forte, Defender line and the new products.

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