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FUTURECO BIOSCIENCE gives a conference about its experience in R+D in the ICEA

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Carolina Fernandez, Director of R & D and Regulatory Affairs of FUTURECO BIOSCIENCE, will give a lecture on the experience of this company in the research and development of biopesticide products.

The conference will precede an open discussion with the public, with whom she will try to expose the paradigm shift and the market trends of biological control products of low environmental impact. This event is organized by the Catalan Institution of Agrarian Studies (ICEA) and will be held on Monday 13th of May at 18:30 at the Catalan Studies Institute of Barcelona (Carrer del Carme 47).

More information about the event (in catalan):http://blogs.iec.cat/icea/2013/05/02/tertulia-experiencies-duna-pime-en-la-recerca-desenvolupament-registre-i-comercialitzacio-de-productes-bioplaguicides-microbians/

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