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Despite the hostile environment in which Spanish companies move, the contraction of the budget towards innovation, and for the sole purpose to manage the economy storm that continues, Futureco Bioscience is still committed to invest in research, development and innovation with a strong commitment to social and environmental affairs, which makes the company a leader in the European agrobiotech sector.

In this growth, hiring highly qualified staff, Futureco Bioscience has performed two new additions to its organization. Noelia Salgueiro Fernandez, for the biotechnology lab research, and Isabel Troytiño, as head of communications and public relations. Salgueiro, graduated with a master's degree in biotechnology in advanced biotechnology and biochemical engineering experience, will be responsible for optimizing production processes of microorganisms, as biological control agents of plants, in the Biotechnology Laboratory of Futureco Bioscience. Isabel Troytiño, who had previously workedDepartment previously worked FUTURECO BIOSCIENCE ID, he decided to leave the investigation to take the path of scientific communication and project management of virtual social networks five years ago, today the company again to launch the department communication and public relations in order to increase the diffusion, dissemination and commitment of the company to society, education and the territory and promote global projects through virtual social networks and generate new business and market in of agricultural biotechnology environmentally friendly.

With Noelia and Isabel, Futureco Bioscience SL has a staff of 30 employees, of which over a third are employees of the Department of Regulatory Affairs iy ID in order to promote and enhance the development of its product line with biopesticides European regulations, national and international to be distributed and sold in the global market.

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