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FUTURECO BIOSCIENCE associates with BIOVEGEN to expand the scope of its R+D+i

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FUTURECO BIOSCIENCE has signed as a member of BIOVEGEN, the Technology Platform on Plant Biotechnology, a public-private entity that acts as an interface between the scientific community, business and administrations, and whose mission is to articulate the agrifood and plant biotechnology sector, through R&D collaborations.

BIOVEGEN connects the research and business to generate business opportunities in plant production, by linking supply and demand of technology, and generate a strategic research agenda to convey to management and help design appropriate financing programs to agro industry characteristics.

With this collaboration, FUTURECO BIOSCIENCE aims to impulse experiments and research for the development and improvement of products for successful plant health and productivity with minimal environmental impact, and works in a network with other institutions and organizations member, such as research centres, universities, governments and foundations, to join forces in the design, management and implementation of R&D+i.

In the negotiations to form part of this entity, as its CEO Gonzaga Ruiz de Gauna said, "FUTURECO BIOSCIENCE fits perfectly with the objectives and activities of the Association INVEGEN and the Technology Platform that coordinates (BIOVEGEN), and I'm sure its participation in it will be fruitful”. An opinion that the company shares, as alone we can get faster, but together we can get much more much further.

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