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Futureco Bioscience adheres to Sigfito, in deference to the environment

Sigfito Protocol

Sigfito Protocol

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Futureco Bioscience has joined Sigfito, an entity dedicated to the collection, transport, management and recycling of agricultural packaging, in such a way that Futureco Bioscience products marketed in Spain can be deposited in the collection points of all its autonomous communities. With the adhesion to Sigfito, the users of our products have the possibility to manage the used containers in an agile and efficient way, through the periodic collection of agricultural packaging and its correct environmental management.

The packaging of phytosanitary products are subject to compliance with Law 11/97 and Royal Decree 1416/2001, which requires the implementation of a System of Deposit, Devolution and Return (SDDR) of packaging. Futureco Bioscience adheres to the Sigfito system to comply with the Law with respect to its phytosanitary products, but also extending it to containers of nutritional products that do not have this requirement, contributing more and better to a reduction of the environmental impact of these containers.

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