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Fungicidal activity of Bestcure® against Botrytis in tomato crops

Ecoletter issue 19

Ecoletter issue 19

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The R&D Department of Futureco Bioscience, with the Business development Department, have tested the fungicidal activity of the vegetal extract Bestcure® against Botritys cinerea in tomato crops. The trials, performed in two fields in Colombia, tested the effects of prevention and cure of the botanical extract Bestcure® (Rutastare® in Colombia), in fruits and flowers, the latter being the main route of entry to the fungus to expand through the plant, infecting the depriving leaves and fruits, and generating a gray mould that reverts to substantial economic losses.

The results have been revealing to treat one of the most widespread diseases with less available treatment options that are respectful with the environment. Until now, conventional treatment has included chemicals whose regulations have limited increasingly its use, if not contraindicated. Following the trials we can state that at the suggested doses, Bestcure® is an environmentally friendly solution for the treatment of tomato crops against Botritys infections.

You can consult the trials in the Ecoletter Fungicide activity of Bestcure® against Botrytis in tomato crops.

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