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Exposition area of Expoliva 2017

Exposition area of Expoliva 2017

Infoagro Exhibition 2017

Infoagro Exhibition 2017

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Last week was intense in meetings of the actors of the Spanish and international agricultural sector. Held between the 10th and 13th of may, Infoagro Exhibition was celebrated in Almería and Expoliva in Jaén.

Between the 10th and 13th of May, the XVIII edition of Expoliva took place in Jaén, the world's largest gathering of olive oil and related industries. Expoliva is a biannual meeting where are presented the latest trends and technological and process innovations, as well as those related to the elaboration and extraction of the olive oil.

The Fair brought together 326 exhibitors, from 11 countries, representatives of 923 companies and 4,215 trade brands, and welcomed 48,890 visitors, including our Delegate Fernando Hernández. Fernando analyzed the state of the art presented in the Fair, in which our recently launched Citoliv biostimulant presents a good forecast, among other options in the portfolio of Futureco Bioscience for the care and improvement of crop yield and growing conditions. The extraordinary fact of this edition of this biennial Fair has been the participation of the 57 olive oil producing countries of the five continents. Expoliva has won its 11th consecutive international recognition.

Infoagro Exhibition, also from 10 to 13 May though held in Almeria, was a trade show with 300 exhibitors and about 25,000 visitors, with international representatives. Our delegate Juan Sierra stated that its "valuation in general has been very positive, by the assistance of the main multinational and local companies of the agricultural sector (phytosanitaries, seed houses and seedlings, agricultural machinery ...) and because in this last edition the fair has seemed to me in general more professional than previous editions". This fair is gaining year after year affluence and importance worldwide, and is a meeting point for many agents of the Spanish agricultural sector that is expanding and gaining in internationalization.

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