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For those who missed the date of the event on 19th september and those who participated

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A week has passed since the panel discussion "The ménage à trois of agriculture, biotechnology and environment. Fact or fiction?" was held in the Institute of Catalan Studies IEC (Institut d' Estudis Catalans, Calle del Carmen 47, Barcelona) on 19th september, one of the events that celebrate the 20th anniversary of Futureco Bioscience.

This panel discussion was co-organized by the Catalan Institute of Agrarian Studies (ICEA) of the IEC, the Catalan Association for Science Communication (ACCC) and the group Casa Ametller.

The event has given already some contents for those people that missed the date or are interested in the debate about agriculture trends:

The reportage Technological convergence, sustainable intensification and inequality 

The chronicle by the ACCC "Searching a new agricultural revolution", available in Spanish En busca de una nueva revolución agrícola  

The video Reportatge de la taula rodona: "El menage à trois de la biotecnologia , l'agricultura i el medi ambient. Realitat o ficció?" de la ACCC en Vimeo

From Futureco Bioscience we want to thank the presentation by Esther Torres (ICEA), and the speeches of Xavier Duran, science journalist and director of the program of TV3 “El Medi Ambient”, Ana Caño Delgado, researcher at the Agrigenomics Research Center of CSIC (CRAG), Montse Martí, technician from the SELMAR Plant Defense Federation, Francesc Reguant, vicepresident of ICEA and expert in economy and social impact of agriculture trends and our Director of the Department of R&D and Regulatory Affairs, Carolina Fernandez.

We want to thank also Amaya Prat, Head of the Group of Sustainability certification of Casa Ametller, for her speech and for the lovely cocktail with the products of her institution and the presents offered to the rest of the participants.

We want to thank also Cristina Ribas, chairwoman of the ACCC that moderated the panel discussion, and also her institution for covering the event and producing contents to disseminate the debate and its conclusions.

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