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FitoMaat®, biostimulant to prevent and overcome abiotic stress situations

FitoMaat, biostimulant to overcome abiotic stress situations

FitoMaat, biostimulant to overcome abiotic stress situations

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FitoMaat® is a biostimulant formulated with 100% compounds of natural plant origin and a high anti-stress capacity. Preventive applications help minimise the effects of abiotic stress, therefore contributing to maintaining normal crop growth in adverse conditions. The high concentration of osmoprotective molecules guarantees that the photosynthetic rate and protein synthesis are maintained. FitoMaat® is suitable for all types of abiotic stress: heat, cold, drought and salinity. Additionally, it protects against cracking, preserving the fruit value.

Its composition and mode of action are explained in this video:  

Currently Futureco Bioscience has a series of trials made with Bestcure® to test its effectiveness in different species of fungi and bacteria that affect various crops. The results of these trials have been collected in Ecoletters, periodic publications of results of assays to test the efficacy of Futureco Bioscience products, and are the following:

FitoMaat® improves the response of plants to stress by enhancing the expression of genes for tolerance to desiccation (Ecoletter 23, 2018) 

FitoMaat(R) improves resistance to hydric stress on tomato plants (Ecoletter , 2017)

Futureco Bioscience's Biostimulants are multi-nutritional formulations containing microelements, peptides, polysaccharides and L-free amino acids (biologically active). Their application provides nutritional growth factors to stimulate metabolism in plants. These products are rapidly absorbed by foliage and roots for maximum nutritional benefit with minimal energy consumption.

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