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Fire fighting workshop for Futureco Bioscience staff: safety comes first

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On September 8, Futureco Bioscience staff participated in an occupational risk prevention course. This workshop was about educating the people who work in the company about basic knowledge in case of fires.

The workshop was a Basic Fire Extinguishing Course for the handling of extinguishers and BIE (the acronym in Spanish for Equipped Fire Hydrant: a unit that contains all the elements that any individual needs to control a fire in its beginning).

The company GEP Services was in charge of this training, for which they moved their mobile unit to the Futureco Bioscience facilities. The day contained two parts according to the necessary theoretical information, and the essential practical instructions for this possible emergency. In the theoretical part, the topics were the following : 

• Introduction to the emergency plan

• Activation and operational organization

• Introduction to the nature of fire

• Extinguishing agents and their field of application

• Extinguishing methods

Finally, the participants put into practice the skills of:

• Safe handling of fire extinguishers

• Safety in environments with fire

• Progression and attack of a fire

• Real fire techniques

• Management of hose reel

A total of eleven workers participated: five from the factory, four from I&D, and one person from the quality department. This training reinforces our company's values ​​of commitment and quality in our work: safety always comes first.

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