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Field day in Guatemala on Bioradicante effects on sugar cane cultivation

Field day in Guatemala

Field day in Guatemala

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It has been a success the field day at Ingenio Madre Tierra, an agro-industrial organization located in Guatemala that works with Futureco Bioscience to ensure environmentally responsible agricultural production.

During the day, the 12 attendees, technicians of the organization, have observed the action of Futureco Bioscience’s biostimulants on their crops, and have presented the results of the trials conducted in one of its main productions: sugar cane. Their attention has been mainly focused on BIORADICANTE®, a root system stimulant rich in L-amino acids that guarantees optimal crop yields.

BIORADICANTE® components activate the metabolism and chlorophyll synthesis, fix atmospheric nitrogen, support the growth of fixation bacteria, control the growth of primary and lateral roots increasing in turn their efficiency. This cumulative effect improves water and nutrient uptake and helps the plant to develop to its full potential, resulting in better crop yields.

Throughout the day, the attendees were able to see first-hand the effectiveness of Bioradicante in increasing the size of the plant (+ 15% in height of the stems at day 315, compared to the control), improving the root architecture (with a better balance between adventitious roots, rootlets and adsorbing hairs) and the number of stems per linear meter (+ 48% per linear meter compared to the control).

See you soon Guatemala! 

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