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Experience of an SME in research, registration and commercialization of microbial biopesticides

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On May 13, in Room Pi i Sunyer of the Catalan Studies Institute (IEC), PhD Carolina Fernandez, Director of the R+D+i and Regulatory Affairs of Futureco Bioscience, gave a conference organized the Catalan Institute for Agrarian Studies (ICEA), entitled as "The Biocontrol Industry, an experience of an SME in research, registration and commercialization of microbial biopesticides".

C. Fernández presented the current market situation of biopesticides, Futureco’s Bioscience profile, as a serious company with social and environmental commitment, and the experience of this company in the development, registration and commercialization of biopesticides, specifically NOFLY, the first biopesticide registered in the EU which has been fully developed by a Spanish company, based on strain FE9901 of the entomopathogenic fungus Paecilomyces fumosoroseus.

The discussion of the conference focused on the development of the biopesticides market in Europe, and the risks for science and the European biotechnology industry if those processes cannot be reduced to energize and strengthen the sector and win competitiveness in the agrobiotech sector. "If you really want to implement biological control agents for the promotion of good agricultural practices that reduce impact on the environment, the EU should prioritize product registration processes of biopesticides against conventional chemical pesticides," concluded C. Fernandez.

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