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Recognition of Support

Recognition of Support

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Futureco Bioscience's R & D Department leads Enzytech, a project under the "NUCLIS" line of industrial research and experimental development offered by ACC1Ó and partly funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The project has the collaboration also of Leitat Technology Center.

The objective of Enzytech is the design of enzymatic technologies for the extraction of biomolecules with a low risk phytosanitary activity (antimicrobial or nematicidal) or biostimulating activity (growth promoter or water and / or saline antistress) from vegetable by-products from the agro-food industry and energy. Obtaining bioactive molecules (L-amino acids and peptides) is performed by enzymatic (non-aggressive) techniques of extraction and hydrolysis.

This project is of enormous relevance to the agricultural sector, as it supposes the design of future bio-stimulant products (based on L-AA) and low-risk phytosanitary products from seemingly worthless materials, for new uses that are already of low environmental impact, and thus contribute to establishing the basis of a circular economy. In addition, it implies innovative processes destined to generate alternatives to the inputs for agriculture of chemical synthesis, favouring the sustainability of the crops.

This project, besides being a great step in the innovation of clean solutions for agriculture, promotes the achievement of the sustainable development goals of the UN SDG 12, for responsible production and consumption, SDG 13, which seeks to develop technologies that minimize the climate change, by using non-invasive or CO2-free technology or heat to the environment; SDG 15, promoter of life in terrestrial ecosystems, and SDG 14, promoter of life in the oceans, to reuse by-products and minimize its impact on the environment.

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