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Meeting between Certis Europe and Futureco Bioscience for the launching of Certamin Premium

Meeting between Certis Europe and Futureco Bioscience for the launching of Certamin Premium

Certamin Premium

Certamin Premium

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When a product is released it has already gone through several stages that are part of the development process. For starters, it is not born suddenly; it has a whole process behind from the idea to its commercial prototype, a process that remains usually as a secret. In this process, research and tests both in the laboratory and in the field, experiments of compatibility with other products on the market and stability or half-life storage are ran. After this process the product is registered for marketing and voilà, you can take the product for a walk to seduce farmers who are committed with residue 0 products, a choice impulse by administrations as we summarized in our last article about the PAN, the National Action Plan for Fertilizers and Integrated Pest Management in Spain.

The product walks, holding hands with its parents, who sometimes do not live together but that take very seriously how the child comes into the world to succeed and do well in the market jungle. That process is called product launching. Parents reach an agreement together, such as Certis Europe and Futureco Bioscience did last week to discuss the launching of Certamin Premium, the child.

Little Certamin’s mission is to activate the adaptive mechanism of plants to water stress, and help them recover appropriately after being subject to it. In addition, Certamin Premium improves resistance to extreme temperatures and enhances pollen endurance by its helper action that provides early vegetative and productive recovery of the plant by the contribution of biologically active compounds.

Certis Europe and Futureco Bioscience met to discuss joint launch on 12 and 14 November at the Olèrdola headquarters. A group of technical and commercial teams of the Southeast area of Spain united strategy and effort, in presentations about technical specifications of the product and its commercial positioning.

The differential value of Certamin Premium is its quality and safety for residue 0. It is an ideal product for the treatment of agricultural crops in periods of high temperatures or low water availability, as a restorative and protective, promoting the expected crop productivity and quality, despite the adverse conditions of production environments that go through periods of drought.

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