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Efficiency of Ecormon in Avocado

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Between June and August of 2018 efficacy trials of Ecormon were carried out in Aguacate in Tolima (Colombia), and their results have been very promising. Four different product concentrations were evaluated, such as the production, fattening and retention of fruits, phytotoxicity and the benefit / cost ratio of the product, according to the variable costs between treatments for Colombia.

Avocado, a tropical fruit whose demand has been increasing in the last decade, is an important crop in more than 70 countries. Its fruits are formed from the pollination of female inflorescences, from which a tree can produce up to a million. Only 0.1% of the flowers will be transformed into fruit.

To ensure maximum performance and quality of avocado crops, it is recommended to apply biostimulants that promote fattening and fruit setting, as does Ecormon, developed by Futureco Bioscience.

The high concentration in molybdenum of Ecormon and its content in specific L-amino acids improve flowering, floral development and also increases the quality and germination of pollen. In addition, it increases fertilization and decreases the fall of young fruits, obtaining a greater harvest and adequate yield to enhance the fattening and caliber of fruits, improving quality.

We summarize results in this infographic:

It was demonstrated that Ecormon is not phytotoxic, and that the benefit / cost of a dose of 2cc / L of application water (at a maximum of 600L per Ha), with a final water volume per crop cycle of 1.200L in two applications, and with a final volume of application of Frudestim of 2.4L, provided benefits over 37% and 39% more than with edaphic fertilization without application of Frudestim.

The best results were given at 3.0cc / Lt of water corresponding to the T4 treatment. It is recommended to make two applications of 3.0 cc / Lt of water (using a volume of 600 L of mixture / Ha), starting when the inflorescences reach the state of development 8 (state of cauliflower) and then, another application 30 days later.

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