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Certifications 9001 and 14001 adapted to new standards 2015

Certifications 9001 and 14001 adapted to new standards 2015

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Trust in the truth or fallacy of a declaration or statement, depends on the actions or the physical and measurable evidence that accompany them. For this reason, Futureco Bioscience supports all its commercial and research activity with rigorous tests and assays of efficacy, quality, specificity and low environmental impact of each of its products. In addition, all business activity must be supported with certifications that include audits and observations by independent entities, because beyond the benefits of our economic activity, the means to achieve the goal must be consistent with our values of environmental sustainability, innovation and quality.

This week, our company has updated the certification of our quality management systems ISO 9001 and Environment ISO 14001, to the new versions of 2015. With this update, Futureco Bioscience renews its management systems, identifying risks and opportunities in both quality and environment, and incorporating stakeholders into the management system, thus renewing its commitment to continuous improvement.

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