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Committed with gender equality

Commitment with gender equality

Commitment with gender equality

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We publish an image that summarizes, very briefly, the company's data regarding gender equality. Currently, 44% of the staff of Futureco Bioscience is made up of women workers. 64% of the technical staff, with higher education and PhD, are also women. Many women hold management positions. Half of the departments are headed by women and more than half of the R & D units, too. The company signed, attached to its Progress Report of the United Nations Global Compact, a commitment to women's empowerment in the fight for gender equality at work and in other areas of life.

Today the CEO of the company sent an internal communication stating that what for the Futureco Bioscience team was obvious, it's unfortunately not obvious for other companies and sectors, ans that reality is a serious problem. So those who wanted to strike to claim equality, could do so without any consequences for their work, their salary and their relationship with the company.

Futureco Bioscience is firmly committed with equality.

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