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Biolasting saves post-harvest losses

Marta Almazán presenting Biolasting

Marta Almazán presenting Biolasting

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This week was presented at the III International Symposium on Post-harvest Pathology in Bari, Italy, BIOLASTING®, a new formulation based on citric extract from bitter orange and tangerine. BIOLASTING®, with a high content of bioflavonoids and organic acids, stands as a new tool of natural origin to reduce post-harvest losses, an increasingly pressing challenge, due to the removal of conventional chemicals for their risk on human health and on the environment.

Recent trial results were presented by Marta Almazan, Head of the Post-harvest Unit of the Department of R+D+i of Futureco Bioscience, from the paper: "Control of Apple Bitter Rot and Blue Mold, and Peach Brown Rot by the Citrus reticulate and C. aurantium extract-based product, BIOLASTING®"

The product was evaluated on three pathogens: Colletotrichum gloeosporioides (sour rot) and Penicillium expansum (blue mold) on apples variety "Golden", and Monilinia laxa (brown rot) in peach variety "Yellow-Calanda". The tests were performed in vitro and in vivo in laboratory conditions. Later, a trial was held for control of Monilinia on a post-harvest commercial chamber, applying the product at two doses (0.5% and 1.5%) and by two methods (immersion and spraying).

BIOLASTING® was effective to control brown rot in apples at doses of 0.5% and 1%, reducing the severity of the disease in 51% and 82% respectively. With its implementation, all parameters of quality tested were improved (soluble solids content, acidity, and maturity index). With respect to brown rot, BIOLASTING® was highly effective both in laboratory and in commercial camera, showing the same efficacy as the reference chemical used. All treatments tested (dose/product application methods) reduced the severity of Monilinia laxa above 90%.

From the results it is concluded that BIOLASTING® is an effective alternative to conventional post-harvest products for the control of bitter rot on apple and brown rot on peach.

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