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Biolasting, a new post-harvest protection product for fruits and vegetables

Biolasting pannel presented in the exhibition of Asia Fruit Logistica in Hong Kong

Biolasting pannel presented in the exhibition of Asia Fruit Logistica in Hong Kong

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Futureco Bioscience launches today Biolasting®, a new organic fungicide and bactericide with antioxidant properties for post-harvest use. Biolasting® prevents and cures diseases created by fungi and bacteria that occur during the storage period of fruits and vegetables, from harvesting to transportation from the field or greenhouse and its sale for food consumption.

Diseases due to fungi and bacteria can cause very significant economic losses, lower the price, quality, texture, organoleptic properties and the image of the product that is sold to consumers.

To preserve the organoleptic and physical properties of fruits and keep them in good conditions, Futureco Bioscience has developed Biolasting®, an organic botanical extract that stimulates antimicrobial responses against a wide range of pathogens. Rich in organic acids with antioxidant properties, Biolasting® allows a synergistic effect that helps to preserve the natural aroma of the fruits and vegetables that are set up from the table. This product is specially targeted at export markets and high value-added and marketing is provided worldwide.

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