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Bestcure® expands its use in the South African market

Bestcure bottles for different markets

Bestcure bottles for different markets

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Bestcure®, the biofungicide and biobactericide based on plant extracts with a unique formulation developed and manufactured by Futureco Bioscience, has extended the registration of its use against Xanthomonas in stone fruits (peaches, nectarines, apricots and plums).

This use is added to the existing registered uses against Botrytis on grapes, and Xanthomonas and Alternaria on tomatoes. With South African registration number L8933, Bestcure® is commercially distributed since 2012 by Chempac Ltd in that country. Being certified for organic farming, the extension of its use is a new step toward a more environmentally committed, without residues , Futureco Bioscience has just been granted for the registration of the same product this year in Colombia, under the trademark Rutastar®.

In the next coming months, Futureco Bioscience is expecting to get new registrations of this product in other countries where the company operates.

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