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Bacterial spot and early blight on tomatoes, diseases that won't be a problem anymore

Image of Ecoletter, Issue 20

Image of Ecoletter, Issue 20

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Issue 20 Ecoletter has been published, which includes Bestcure® efficacy trials for treating tomatoes affected by bacterial spot caused by Xanthomonas campesiris pv, vesicatoria, and early blight, a fungal infection caused by Alternaria solani. Both diseases cause significant productivity losses. Both diseases cause significant productivity losses. They affect the leaves initially, passing later on to stems and fruits and causing important yield and economic losses. Symptoms in leaves can be appreciated by necrosis, chlorosis and yellowing of the leaves, and impeding the plant to make the photosynthesis and metabolize nutrients correctly.

The trials carried out in Cape Town (South Africa) on tomato plants have shown that Bestcure® is effective for the biological control of both diseases.

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