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Award to Aiplast for the packaging of Defender Active Mg

Print awarded and bag of Defender Active Mg

Print awarded and bag of Defender Active Mg

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Aiplast, supplier of bags and packaging of new solid formulation products of Futureco Bioscience, has been laureate with the second award of the National Flexography Competition of the Spanish Technical Association of Flexography -ATEF-, for the packaging of Defender Active Mg. This product is a Magnesium deficiency corrector for plants, within the supply of new generation products of Futureco Bioscience.

This type of packaging is a commitment of Futureco Bioscience to reduce the consumption of water in production processes, and increase the concentration of active principle, in aim to make lighter and compact the size of the packaging, and consequently save energy and decrease CO2 emissions in its transportation. The design of the bag is created by Joan Riba (Uebs.cat), who has developed many of the images that makes unique each product of the Spanish agrobiotechnology company.

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