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Agrosisa's commitment to organic agriculture in Ecuador

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During the second week of May, the Futureco Bioscience team had the pleasure of receiving Agrosisa, distributor of its products in Ecuador. Agrosisa is a new company in the Ecuadorian market founded by engineer Jorge Flores in 2016. Flores is a broad connoisseur of the Ecuadorian market, of its distribution channels and, mainly, of all the nutritional aspects of each of its crops.

Agrosisa has had since its founding the objective of offering its customers quality alternatives and ecological orientation. Its commitment to organic farming was born from the need to contribute to the demanding Ecuadorian market with safe alternatives and according to the needs of its consumers. This approach has allowed the strategic alliance with Futureco Bioscience, as a starting point for the joint development of an optimal line of products to satisfy these needs. The quality and performance of the Futureco Bioscience portfolio has been the fundamental axis to achieve an important penetration in the most demanding markets in just two years of joint work.

Today, this quality makes the two companies lead the paradigm shift regarding the efficiency of organic products, and their use as tools of nutritional management. The solid results obtained in the field allow to supply a product portfolio that covers the diverse needs of customers in flower crops, summer flowers, cocoa, rice, and even in short cycle crops and vegetables for local consumption.

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