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Cover of the Escolab Programme 2018/2019

Cover of the Escolab Programme 2018/2019

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The new course 2018/2019 has been inaugurated for Escolab, a Barcelona City Council program that connects primary and secondary school teachers, with research centers and companies, with the aim of teaching students how university studies become a job, an what this job consists of when its involved in the advance in a research field or in the development and manufacturing of new products.

Futureco Bioscience is one of the companies that are registered in the directory of enterprises, museums, cultural entities and research centers in the province of Barcelona. For years, the company has welcomed interns from different universities and has been offering guided tours for the promotion of scientific vocations for boys and girls who have to choose a university career very soon. These guided tours explain the activity of the company, its organization and how works the gear that makes it possible to continue growing and offering innovative products with low environmental impact for agriculture. All this, showing what the members of the team are dedicated to and what they have studied. Above all, what members of the R+D+I Department have studied and how they do research in a company.

The R+D+I Department is one of the most important assets of the company, which constitutes 45% of the total workforce of Futureco Bioscience, and is built by a team of biologists, biotechnologists, agronomists and agricultural technicians, chemists, laboratory technicians and profiles of biosciences that apply the knowledge learned in the race to the develop agricultural solutions of low environmental impact, such as new biopesticides or biostimulants to treat and increase productivity of crops, without risk of environmental contamination and without risk to human or animal health.

In this video we briefly summarize the activity of Futureco Bioscience and how R+D+I works:

Escolab has a wide range of activities and centers that schools can reserve so that their students get a much more real idea of the tasks and work to which they will devote a good part of their day to day, in order to choose what motivates them the most, make them happier and how it contributesto society.

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