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Dry and desertified land

Dry and desertified land

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Yesterday, June 17, was the world day to combat desertification, a phenomenon of soil degradation caused mainly by human activity and climatic variations. With deforestation, agricultural exploitation with little integrative practices or with an excess of erosive products for the soil, poor management of water resources and global warming are the main causes caused by human activity that favour desertification and soil impoverishment that could be a litter for agricultural crops and biodiversity.

An agriculture that favors an integrated management practices can prevent erosion and desertification of soils, and in case of impoverishment and drought due to weather conditions, there are alternatives, also respectful with the environment and biodiversity, to ensure that crops can continue to grow , developing and fructifying in spite of the abiotic stress to which plants that grow in dry, saline environments or with a degree of increasing desertification are subjected.

Among these solutions is FitoMaatt®, a biostimulant designed to protect plants from the effects of abiotic stress, that contains osmoprotective substances -glycine betaine and proline- and antioxidants that allow crops to tolerate and recover better from periods of abiotic stress such as salinity, water deficiency or extreme temperatures.

To understand its mode of action, watch this video:

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