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A week contributing to ornamental crops in Ecuador

Rose crops of Cayambe

Rose crops of Cayambe

Citrogrower presentation

Citrogrower presentation

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From 9 to 12 May Futureco Bioscience gave a technical conference in different farms in Ecuador, one of the leading exporters of roses and ornamental crops, whose production is among the most profitable in the country.

The sector of ornamental crops and especially the rose is highly technified, as it relates to products with high added value, it has advanced agronomy protocols for integrated management production, with complete fertilization and biostimulation programs.

In the technical conferences organized by Futureco Bioscience, agricultural technical personnel was trained with the latest scientific developments. The portfolio of the biotech company in Ecuador was also presented, especially going in depth about Citogrower, showing its effectiveness and suitability based on scientific facts trials on various crops, especially in ornamentals.

Citogrower is a formulation of phosphorus, potassium, amino acids and compounds with cytokine activity that helps the regrowth after pruning, to give flowers and fruit uniformity and to delay senescence of the plant, allowing greater collection period. It can be applied foliar, especially in times of sprouting and elongation of buds to flower induction and fruit fattening, alone or in conjunction with foliar sprays of nutrients, growth regulators, pesticides and other liquid foliar fertilizers.

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