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A visit of many thousand kilometres to promote scientific vocation

Students visiting the labs

Students visiting the labs

Group of students discussing about science together to complete one of the  activities

Group of students discussing about science together to complete one of the activities

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The 1st October 2013, a group of Danish high school students visited our facilities. This class was conformed by 23 students and 2 teachers, Harrietta and Suzanne, who organized their trip to Barcelona to visit more than the Sagrada Familia or the Güell Park, and filled the schedule with visits to research centres, science museums and technology companies as Futureco Bioscience.

Among its activities, Futureco Bioscience organizes education activities from its area of responsible projects, such as the promotion of scientific vocations. In order to do this, Futureco Bioscience organizes guided tours to its R&D facilities and a brief presentation on the process of developing its products, from detection of biostimulant, biopesticide or biofertilizer activity in nature until product marketing.

In these activities there is a guided tour through the labs, that work interconnected within the context and the main objectives of applied research to develop and improve the quality of commercial products. Following the presentation and the tour, students met and discussed a number of aspects such as awareness about caring for the environment, the use of biotechnology for pest control of crops, and exchanged their views on research in the field in their countries. After the visit, some students admitted they had learned, others asked what must they do to work in the company and all, without exception, were marvelled by the climate chamber, a room in which to grow plants in vivo efficacy trials product, which can be controlled on the temperature, humidity and light intensity (mimicking sun exposure) and reproduces the climate conditions of anywhere in the world.

Definitely one of the most important factors to promote scientific vocations is restlessness, curiosity and the ability to surprise. Indeed seeing lab equipment and materials beyond texts, photos or videos and speak with people working in research improve their understanding and is our contribution for the student to chose biotechnology studies, for example.

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